"The chair now recognizes the Senator from Time-Warner…"

Just like that, without the benefit of a public debate, money now equals speech. Compare “speech” in dollars to plain words. Which kind of “speech” do you think carries more weight? Doesn’t matter because it’s all the same now.

I have words but not much money. Sucks to be me. Or to be an advocate for the poor and marginalized. Or to be a patriot who believes the founding fathers had it right.

Pretty much only hyper partisans and mercenaries can enjoy this landmark Supreme Court reversal. (Liberals take note: This is what Judicial Activism feels like when it’s turned against you.)

The unborn, single mothers, immigrants, prisoners, sick people, the frail elderly, and the poor all better start saving their money if they want to be heard by their government.

Reminds me of an old Nine Inch Nails song:
God money’s not looking for the cure.
God money’s not concerned about the sick among the pure.
God money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
The god of money’s not one to choose

Yeah, I’m grumpy today. But I have cause.

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