Vivo! My Sole Rejoices!

Quite loving my Clark’s Vivos. Last year I got a pair of Dharmas from my wife and they were too tight when I tried them on the wide blocks God gave me in lieu of normal feet. Crushed, I set them aside to return them.

Lucklily for me (in this case) in our house we have a curious aversion to all things snail mail which makes things like rebate offers and mail order return policies a little dodgy for us. So they sat in the round-to-it pile for months. And then a few weeks ago, it occured to me that, “Hey, those are made from leather and other natural materials. They’re engineered to be flexible, by golly. I should put them on and force them to fit my blocky feet.”

And that’s what I did. And they did fit after a day or two. Like a glove. Except without the articulated toes that vex me about my beloved Vibram FiveFingers.

So now I can wear them to work and church. And now I don’t want to wear anything that is not a Vibram or a Vivo.

I am starting a Vivo replacement fund. Because they’re kind of expensive but I already know I’m going to march out (only, not march, but surf, not wave surf, but web surf) and buy a replacement pair.

And with how much I am wearing these joyfully-comfortable, foot-hugging, respectable-but-casual, people-don’t-stop-and-point-at-them shoes, it might not take me long to wear them out.

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