Sippin' Tea in a Toast to Texas

So it’s about that time. I am sipping some tea in honor of Texas Independence Day and the state I love.

Apparently they don’t do this anymore, but way back when I was a student at the University of Texas, we gathered on the Main Mall, unfurled APO’s Largest Texas Flag in the World, had some speechifying, then toasted Texas’ Independence. Every March 2nd at noon. (With tea, of course. The Aggies had us figured out, alright.)

This is significant time of the year for Texas history. We declared our indepenence on March 2nd, were recognized by the United States as independent on March 1st, and were also admitted by the US as a state on March 1st. That’s good enough reason to have some barbecue and sing “Texas, Our Texas” tonight, right?

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