We Count

The Democracy Bunny left a copy of the constitution on my desk this morning. A pleasant side-effect of working around so many Republicans. (I know it probably wasn’t a Tea-Partier since the establishment clause of the First Amendment had not been scribbled out of my copy. Heh.)

Anyway, I read Article 1 Section 2 which establishes the “Enumeration” from which our representation is based. I filled out my census form. Me and my household, we count.

Please be counted. Sending in that little form is the cheapest way to do it. Please don’t waste my tax dollars by making some census worker hoof it out in person when you coulda just dropped the form in the mail.

And please don’t do smarty pants stuff with the racial data. Yes, we are all “Human” and “American.” But please let them know what race you are. You see, thanks to the to the Fourteenth amendment, Aaron and Olivia count as whole people and not just 3/5 of a people. In fact I am vividly aware of the great progress many patriots before us have won for people of color. The racial data collected by the census is used in the aggregate to enforce civil rights laws and voting rights laws. So by taking off your little partisan hat and putting on your patriots cap, you can ensure proper representation for yourself and for people whose liberty was not included in the first draft of our blessed union.

And if you’re worried about privacy and government intrusion…Seriously? Really? You don’t think that the government (and Facebook, and Google, and your phone company, etc.) don’t already have invasive data on you? There’s no question in the census that the government can’t get from other sources. But the thing is that your own representation in government must, according to the Constitution, come from this source.

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