Though not as fun as the word “titivating” which I learned from one of the judges on Dancing With The Stars this week, this word I came across is fun to say and, at least to me, kind of new: mumblecore

I am interested in how generes of certain media are dubbed “-core.” Is there anything that makes a genre a “-core” genre and not it’s own suffix-free genre name? Why is “screamo” not “screamcore,” when we have “nerdcore,” “noisecore,” and “hardcore?” “Screamo” sounds pretty “hardcore” to me, but mine are untrained ears I guess.

It’s one thing to collect fun new words, but another to discover emerging rules/methods upon which fun new words are coined. I’d love to know how “-cores” are determined.

Other fun “-cores” I’ve found and might be interesting to explore are:
easycore (is this an oxymoron?)
happy hardcore (another oxymoron?)

I do know that “Happy Harcore” drives me up the wall as Girlzilla occasionally torments me with it. But it’d be nice to know how something gets its own name (like “Gabber”) vs. a “-core” name (why no “gabcore?”)

Maybe I will coin this inquiry “metacore” and myself “wordnerdcore.” I’ve got a new suffix and I am not afraid to use it…

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