This is what's for breakfast

I was quite proud of my biscuits. From scratch, light, fluffy, browned just so.
Gracie came into the kitchen as they were cooling and asked, with wide eyes, “What’s that?”
“Biscuits I made,” I beamed, “Want one?”
“I want toast.”
I sighed, deflated, “This is what’s for breakfast.”

Part of the Dad gig. Making kids eat stuff they don’t ask for. It’s a Mom and Dad standard phrase — “This is what’s for ((meal)). No I will not make you ((alternate , less healthy, food.))”

And though it is a mini battle before most meals, we are starting to reap the benefits of being Mean Parents over the years. Our kids all actually like broccoli, for instance. Aaron actually complained that last nigh’t stir fry didn’t have enough broccoli. The other night I had to tell Gracie that no, she could not “just have carrots” for dinner and she had to eat with the family.

We can corroborate the research that says that kids learn to like foods by repeated exposure. Put it in front of them, eat it yourself, and encourage them to eat it withough providing alternatives.

And say, “This is what’s for dinner.”

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