Open Letter to Snap Fitness: Save the Cochlea!

My family has a membership here and I have made a frequent habit of working out at your gym in the morning. I have made you a big part of my daily routine and my blood pressure is out of the danger zone after a month. So I love going to your gym.

But my blood pressure is higher this morning because I was forced to spend my 45 minutes on your beloved taskmaster of a Cybex 750AT Cross_Trainer fighting off the insidious whining of a particular news commentary channel (doesn’t matter which, because they ALL make me crazy!) on three of the four TVs and the volume loud.

Can we treat TV Volume like second hand smoke? You can smoke, but don’t make me smoke with you. You can get your confirmation bias on with whatever flavor of talking heads you want to tell you what you already agree with, but please don’t make me listen to it because I might have to tear my cochlea out of my bloody ear canals if I have to listen to another hour of personal opinion presented as news again.

I noticed that all TVs have closed captioning turned on. Great! I also notice that each TV has a radio frequency upon which the TV audio can be tuned in. Great again! Isn’t that enough for the TV watchers? Could y’all maybe offer a few radio headphone sets for use and just mute the TV speakers? Or could you just make it a policy that TVs need to stay quiet? 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t make me listen to TV and you are much better than them, right? Right?

If it’s staff turning up the TVs, could you please stop? If it’s customers turning up the TVs could you please discourage it?

Thank you in advance for helping me maintain my sanity, keep my ears intact, and improve my fitness at your gym.

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