Special, But Not That Special

I’ve admired Mike Rowe since seeing his righteous talk at TED about the dignity of blue-collar work. Now Mike’s made me proud to be an Eagle Scout again with his Eagle Scout Letter. He’ll send a signed copy of that letter to any Eagle Scout who asks (and sends a SASE.)

It reminds me of listening to Fr. Ron Cloutier tell us in ministry training a few years back, “You’re special, but not that special.” Awesome. I think it is a sacred duty of priests and prophets to say “y’all get over yourselves” on a regular basis. I know I need to hear it more often than I do. Exceptin’ from my wife, who does that just fine.

Fun Phonemic Favorites

Inspired by a recent conversation, I am recording my current fun words. And when I mean fun, I mean phonemically fun. Fun To Say. One giggles inside a bit to say them.

But there are (loose) Rules:
English words with recognizable if not common usage
Must be real words and not from a book or something
No proper names or foreign words
The shorter the better
The more ordinary (less highfalootin) the word, the better
Family friendly words. There may be a brown paper wrapped collection somewhere, but I’m not sharing those here.

The Collection:
codswallop snifter baleen mordant pantaloons haberdasher cromulent ocelot daisy nard bombard fjord spleen thwack wonky nugget gaga uvula whilst fussbudget krill unbeknownst munch salsa nacho bailiwick foofaraw buttress jejune mellifluous palaver cloy brisk tchotchke gazpacho biscuit gosling flagellum falafel kumquat zither mandibular slithy pulchritude paramecium burgle festoonery flummox ballyhoo askance souffle persnickety lather knickerbocker lollapalooza spelunking squelch (many words ending in “-elch” are fun to say) noodle (and just about any word ending in “-oodle”) pants (and any words ending in “-pants”) and… moist (I know, I know, but I like it anyway along with many words that end in “-oist”)

Making exceptions for:
grar narf (not real words but I wish they were)
webelo zamboni (proper nouns, but c’mon)

Anyway, I am a collector. Care to share?