Woman!! Cheeseburger.

Just so’s I don’t forget, Gracie’s favorite word right now is “Cheeseburger” and she likes to throw it into conversations, more or less at random:

Me: Girls, it’s time for bed, please go upstairs and take a–
Gracie: Cheeseburger?

Heidi: Gracie, get some plates down and set the–
Gracie: Cheesebuger!

And for some reason, her favorite exclamation is ‘Woman!’ regardless of the gender of the listener.

Me: Alright girls, I mean it. Stop watching TV and get to bed! (turns off TV)
Gracie: Woman!

Heidi: Hey who wants to go get some ice cream?
Gracie: Woman!!!

Don’t really have a back story or overriding purpose. Just writing this down so I will remember five or so years from now. Who knows when I may need this as evidence.

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