Way Back Machine: Kingdom Come

Some other pseudo-religious sci-fi I wrote last century. Look, I was in my thirties then, in grad school, having just seen “The Matrix”. Don’t judge.

Kingom Come

The decree came with two capsules — one green, one blue.

Green would release a DNA program
to convert the implants in our cerebral cortex,
the ones that connected our brains to every other human,
and write them into our genes.
Instead of mandatory implantation at age two,
future children would inherit their connection
to the Global Mind at birth.
Green meant that you chose to join the Global Mind.
Green meant the birth of a new species.

Homo Christus

Blue would release a nano computer to dismantle the current implant
and leave no replacement.
Blue meant a return to the human past.
Blue meant that you could be alone, your own person.

Homo Sapiens.

I’d never had that choice before. I’m not sure I wanted it.
It was like being offered a choice of whether to breathe.

Still there were some who didn’t want to be connected.
They *did* want a choice.

The Ascent to Homo Christus must be entirely voluntary, the Ecclesia

That hadn’t been voluntary since way before I was born.

I had to read about those early times in history class.
I had been taught about the age when there was still disease.
When there was crime, when there was war.
Did you know, people actually died because they had too little food or
Amazing. We stared at our teacher, disbelieving.

Yes, he said, before the Global Mind people could be
completely independent of one another.
People had no way to feel the results of their actions.
It must have been like being born blind, I thought to myself.

But after the Atlanta Flu and the resulting Nano-Wars,
the few million humans that were left made a dramatic,
some say drastic, change.

Free Will would be preserved, but independence was outlawed.

The implants made empathy mandatory.
Our central nervous systems were wired together.
You could not commit a crime
without feeling the pain of your victim.
Noone could hoarde food and water without
sharing in the desperation of those they deprived.
By taking on some of our neighbors’ pain,
we lessened their suffering.
We learned to share in their joy as well.
We learned to share in general.

We were free to make our own choices,
but we were not allowed to be ignorant
of the consequences others had to endure.

Now, after two hundred years, we could now choose.
Green or blue. Stay or leave. Advance or retreat.
The next stage of humanity, the next step toward the divine,
could not be mandatory. The Ecclesia called it Judgement,
but if is was so, it was a self-judgement.

Most of us took our green pills.
We were told to expect a slight fever,
a stiff neck for a few days.
Some took the blue ones and felt, peculiarly, nothing at all.

The few months after that day were indescribable.
It felt right.
Like you fit perfectly no matter what.
Like you were home.

The blues walked among us.
We provided for their every need
and we left them to do as they pleased.
Alone by choice,
cut off from the Global Mind,
the blues walked as if in solitary hell.
We tried to convey our sadness and love for them
but our words fell clumsily in the space between us.
And words were all we had in common.
Some blues were defiant and angry.
Some changed their mind
and wanted the green pill after all.
We weren’t sure that was possible.
We referred them to the Ecclesia.
We hoped they could make it in.
We hoped they would make it in time.

So now, months after the Judgement
the days started getting longer
until night has quit falling at all.
Our bodies took on a strange glow
which grew until we have begun to shine.
We noticed that we are sleeping less,
and we no longer dream.

The Ecclesia have disbanded,
claiming their own irrelevance.

We are expectant, excited.

And when the Final Things come
We will return as light to the light.
“Thy Kingdom Come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.”

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