Poem: Just One Elephant

Just One Elephant

scientists tell us that each second,
inside the sun,
4 million elephants worth of mass
are becoming light for us.
an irretrievable, one-time gift
in every moment.

the sun is giving itself away,
to the righteous and broken alike.
if this generosity were to cease,
we would cease too.

God gives himself away like the sun.
his abundance affords him a scandalous generosity.
to all of us, whether we care to receive him or not.

We are like soil,
groaning in the act of giving birth.
coaxing root and stem
to catch the light and love
that are our birthright,
knowing that we can only
catch and keep
a tiny bit of his provenance.

But confident that a tiny bit – just one elephant – is all we’ll ever need.

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