I think I know…

..what I need this place to be. I have Facebook for interaction and quick “status” updates. My “readership” is far higher there than this place will ever have.

I do more actual “blogging” (in the original sense of the word weblog) on Facebook now. I share my latest finds and likes there. This “blog” is no longer really a blog.

But what this does is give me a place to put things I like, things I need, things I want to remember I wrote, things I’ll need to refer to later. It will also give my friends and family something to know me by, something they can read about me or about my life with them. I have a need to collect the stuff I do and make it available.

After 10 years of journaling or “blogging” I realize that this have become kind of a legacy. I have responsibility to maintain this since it captures so much of me and my family, things that otherwise get lost.

And it is good that Future Me will have something to look back and remember and maybe have a good laugh at the fool Past Me truly was.

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