Nicene Creed in XML

For a bit of geeky fun, practiced some xml coding basics by writing the Nicene Creed in xml. Well here you go:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

<credo alt=”I Believe in”>

   <God max_num=1 min_num=1 persons=3 created=no>

        <person id=”Father”>



          <created through=Son>







       <person id=”Son” num=1 created=no begotten=yes>


          <title>”Jesus Christ”</title>



          <substance same_as=Father>divine</substance>

          <Salvation History>

             <event by=Holy_Spirit through=Virgin_Mary>Incarnation</event>

             <event for=humanity under=Pontius Pilate>Crucifixion</event>

              <event length=3_days>Death</event>

              <event accordance_with=Scriptures>Resurrection</event>





           </Salvation History>


      <person id=”Holy Spirit” num=1 created=no>


         <title>”Giver of Life”</title>



         <event>”spoken through the prophets”</event>













   <Baptism num=1 for=”Forgiveness of Sins”></Baptism>



   <event>”resurrection of the dead”</event>

   <event>”life of the world to come”</event>



Haven’t had this much useless geeky learning fun since using “The Hokey Pokey” as my example for my Microsoft Project class.

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