Why I Stand With The 47%

Pay taxes… Check. Don’t feel like a victim… Check. Not a “Freeloader”… Check. Take responsibility for my life… Check. Not in President Obama’s back pocket… Check.

So, as far as I can tell, I am part of Mr. Romney’s 53%.But I stand firmly with the 47% and here’s why:

I stand with the 47% because my daughter wants to be a Second Grade teacher. Her choice of careers may doom her to the 47% for a number of years. Some of the 47% understand that it is necessary to not only take responsibility for their own lives, but they forgo income to help others with their lives too.

I stand with the 47% because way too many of the people who defended my country so bravely and honorably are included in these ranks.

I stand with the 47% because my Mother-in-Law, a lady who worked hard all her life, owned a business, took care of so many others, and voted Republican, by the way, now depends on others completely, including the help our government provides.

I stand with the 47% because some day I will be beyond my working years and will depend on others to take care of me.

I stand with the 47% because I used to be a young person trying to make my way in this world. Dependent on others for the mentoring and opportunities and, yes, monetary support, I needed to get my start in life.

I stand with the 47% because so many of the ones in my path every day seem to work so hard for so little. They get up earlier than me, stay at work later than me, work harder than me, and make much less than me. I don’t necessarily think they deserve to have what I have instead of me, but I do think they deserve some respect and gratitude from me because they make my personal world more livable.

I stand with the 47% because I have known a few irresponsible, ne’er-do-well, .”freeloader” types in my life. My sense is that these people are “lost.” But I have seen a number of them become “found,” usually because some of those who were in a better place cared enough to try to help them find their way.

I stand with the 47% because if I ever get “lost” I don’t want my community to dismiss me as unreachable. I want them to lovingly smack me until I snap out of it

I stand with the 47% because there, but for the grace of God, go I. I am counted among the    “53%” because, for whatever reason God put me here and not there. (Might have something to do with being charged with adopting three special needs kids. I dunno.)

I stand with the 47% because my faith tells me I have nothing that does not come from God. Nothing. I am holding it for Him to use for His purpose, not mine.

I stand with the 47% because Jesus told me to. Because I can’t love Jesus any more than I love the least of these 47% types. And for that matter, the most self-righteous of the 53% as well.

I stand with the 47% because this new dividing line is really kind of stupid.