Just had to record this for future me to read and shake my head. Sent this actual message to one of Aaron’s teachers today. This is the result of that curse where my Mom said “I hope you have a kid just like you when you grow up!” So I got a kid with ADD. And I send letters like this on a fairly regular basis.


Ms. Looper,


A week ago Sunday I found a packet in Aaron’s backpack with a handwritten title sheet that read “Aaron Clark – Missing Work 2nd per” in red ink. Most of the work was from much earlier in the month. Even though it looked like the date had long passed I made him sit down and do every sheet in the packet for good measure.


Is this the packet of missing work you are referring to? If not, what does the packet look like?


Also, he’s been carrying this completed work with him for over a week. I have no idea why he does not turn it in. None at all. It’s very frustrating. Can you help me figure out what I can do to increase the probability that his work will make it the last few feet from his orange backpack into your grade book? Any clue will help. I have none.


As we speak I am having him fill out something about the path of food through the body which I found crumpled and blank in his folder. I am also having him label a picture of a digestive tract on a legal sheet of blue paper. He will also complete a blank sheet about the urinary tract. I have no idea when these things are due. But I swear they will be in his backpack when he leaves our house. Is there some way we can coax him to give these to you whether they’re due or not, just so he can have the sense memory of turning something in? And if he can get a grade for any of it, even better.


Thanks for sending the feedback home. It is still chaotic, but the feedback helps. Especially in our nightly game of “What is this paper? When is it due?”


Appreciate all you do,

Aaron’s Dad