Simple Pleasures: The General’s Cedar Pointe 333

I take all my work notes in pencil. I have used and loved Palomino Prospectors, Helix Oxfords, Mirado Black Warriors, and Dixon Ticonderogas will do in a pinch. All are American made pencils from real American incense-grade cedar with real rubber erasers. But by far my favorite is the General’s Cedar Pointe 333.

Since it is unfinished you can see the cedar grain and its color compliments the black eraser and ferrule. The feel of it in my hand, the sound and feel of writing with it, the smoothness of the lines it lays down.. All these make it a joy to use.

So I may be a bit of a pencil geek, but I am drawn to the wonder of ordinary things. I am not a guy drawn to fancy gadgets, cars, toys, or fashion. But the mundane stuff of life, I believe, is where you can get the most value and utility from insisting on quality. Life is too short to wear cheapo shoes, sleep on lumpy pillows, and write with crap-composite mass market pencils!