Why I now drink mi yerba like a Paraguayan

Tereré: Paraguay’s Social Tea | Good Sht | Ozymandias.

The Paraguayans know how to drink the yerba.

First of all, like in Paraguay, it’s HOT here in Houston. Most of the year I want cold drinks. In Paraguay they drink the yerba cold.

Which makes it quicker and more energy efficient to make.

I can also carry less “equipo.” I don’t necessarily need a thermos (termo) since there are many places that offer cold fresh water where I work.

And it’s safer for the lips and tongue. Near boiling water through a metal straw (called a bombilla, that’s bom-BEE-yah)… youch.

And it’s just more fun to say. Terere (pronounced teh-deh-DEH, with soft, flick-of-the-tongue d’s) has so much more flair than mate (MAH-tay).


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