Flaneur about H-Town: Harrisburg Arts Museum

I am not sophisticated enough to be a true flaneur, but I have flaneur-like tendencies. I find myself wandering neighborhoods I find on my path when I have no pressing reason to hurry. I am especially drawn to local color, art, and cultural interests. 

So coming back from my class at TXRX Labs last Saturday afternoon, I came out of one of my neighborhood detours and realized that I was across the street from Harrisburg Art Museum. The “HAM” is an “Art Museum” in a very unconventional sense, but is one of the roomier and impressive venues for urban mural art and graffiti in Houston. I’ve been there about six times and it is always in flux, evolving. I prefer it at sunset when the light is warm and reddish.

Recommend you visit if you have an extra 20 minutes and are in the East End.

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