Stuff I Like

I like the way my youngest moves while she’s listening to music she likes (and she thinks nobody’s looking)

I like a stack of books fresh from the library.

I like it when my daughters play music for me that they think I’ll like. (Mostly they’re right)

I like little shops that are run like labors of love by folks who live near me. Especially independent book shops.

I like poets who can fit surprising depths of imagery onto one page. (In other words, they keep it shorter than my short attention span.)

I like finding a new place to get non-corporate coffee that’s fresh roasted and freshly ground.

And I like the inconvenient ritual of making and drinking that coffee with my pour over contraption.

I like dragging my kids downtown to see weird stuff. Like modern art.

I like graffiti that looks like it took love and planning to create.

I like making lines on paper. I can’t draw much, but I like lines.

Cardboard, pencils, duct tape. Simple, quotidian.

Sitting, thinking. Appreciating stuff.

And, as I get older, quiet afternoons.

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