DIY: Deodorant Recipe

I found the below sitting as a draft post in my much neglected but historical blog since 2014. And, wow, I’ve been using the same recipe for deodorant for over five years.

It works. I guess. I’m blessed with a wife who would tell me, fairly tactfully, if I smelled. I know my skin is happy. And it’s pretty refreshing. Well, there you go:

“I can’t wear regular deodorant. My skin rejects it

1 part, usually 2-3 oz, Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera — Witch Hazel tones skin and closes pores reducing sweat, and the Aloe Vera soothes skin

1 part Hydrogen Peroxide — Acts as a natural and gentle antibacterial cleansing agent

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil — Antifungal, antibacterial

Essential oils for fragrance — Cedar, Lemongrass, and Bergamot are my favorite combination for skin. The first two are also said to have antiseptic qualities. Bergamot is citrusy. Myrhh is earthy. And I also like a touch of Black Pepper oil for spice.”

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