You’ve Found Cody’s Blog

This is where I keep my stuff. It goes back a long way. There are years of documented neglect. Longer-form and more opinionated musings I don’t want to put on Facebook. Thoughts I want to put out there but not command anyone’s time to have to listen to in real life.

It’s place to unpack my mind to make room for more pertinent stuff. It’s the way I can come back and laugh at what an idiot I used to be. (I’m looking at you, me from 2004.)


2 thoughts on “You’ve Found Cody’s Blog

  1. Hi! I saw your question on metafilter for spiritually uplifting music that isn’t religious… I think what you need here is an untapped genre of mantra based music set to modern melodies. I heard one the other day in yoga class set to a ska beat! It was awesome!

    I’m not on metafilter, but you can contact me at jarmstrong1919 at gmail.con. If you’re on Spotify I can give you playlists, ditto apple music or soundcloud. Also artists and compilation albums. The popular artist right now is White Sun. But there are heaps of choices. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for dropping in! I would appreciate hearing more about your suggestions. I am not a member of Spotify or Apple Music or Soundcloud. But I do have a Amazon Music subscription so I can look up pretty much anything you might have to suggest. My email is

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