A Valentine's wish to all my married friends

The upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday does not do your kind of love due justice. To me, you are all badass ninjas of sacrificial love. You are heroes who deserve your own ticker-tape parades complete with helium balloons of cartoon characters and limos full of local radio personalities.

When I see you at your next anniversary, I want you to tell me that your wedding day was nowhere close to the happiest day of your life. I want to hear about that so-called bad day last week when the car broke down and you had to share a coupon meal at Denny’s because your spouse had to pick you up in the minivan instead of preparing the standard chicken dinner. I want to hear how even that day was profoundly more joyful than your wedding day because it was lit up by a billion decisions to love each other over your life together. And by the quiet assurance that a billion more will follow and the flame, though it flickers, will never go out.

Thank you for being brave enough to choose this life of love and light. I thank you in advance for choosing to stoke the embers every time it becomes hard to keep the darkness out. Couples like you are the lights I need to find my way. We all need you to shine. So I toast to the flame you lit on your wedding day and pray that it grows brighter each day.