Math Practice for My Daydreaming Fourth Grader

So Aaron needs extra practice in math if he wants to pass the TAKS test and not repeat fourth grade. I figure Aaron’s problem is not so much comprehension as, well, caring the least bit about what he’s doing in math. So this is my attempt to give math practice an adventurous twist…

The movie starts at 5:00pm. You get out of school at 3:15 pm. How much time do you have to eat dinner at your favorite cheese stick cafe and get to the movie on time

You get to the cafe at 3:27pm and discover after eating your first cheese stick that your arch enemy has poisoned your food. The evil note says that the poison will kill you in 1 hour, 12 minutes and the antidote takes 23 minutes to work. When will you die if you don’t find the antidote in time? By what time on the clock do you need to find the antidote to live?

A full order of your favorite fried cheese sticks has eight pieces. Only two of the pieces were poisoned. What was the probability that the first stick you ate would poison you? So, are you lucky or unlucky?

Using your x-ray vision, you find the three small bottles at 3:57pm sitting on a small electronic device. You grab a bottle to drink it and the bottle says that the antidote will blind you until it works fully (23 minutes). When will you be able to see again if you take the antidote now?

If only one of the small bottles contains the antidote, what is the probability that the first bottle you drink has the antidote? How about the second bottle? How about the third?

Before drinking the antidote, you look down and notice that by lifting the bottle off the device, you unwittingly triggered the timer on a bomb that will explode at 4:35. It takes 12 minutes to defuse the bomb. Do you have time to take the antidote and then defuse the bomb after you regain your sight? Or do you need to defuse the bomb first and then take the antidote?

After you have defused the bomb and saved yourself with the antidote, how much of the movie will you miss if it takes 20 minutes to get to the theater?